Arroyo Developmental Services provides day support services to people challenged with developmental disabilities that need help to maintain their safety, dignity, clam and inclusion at work and in the community. People who are easily stressed, impulsive, get anxious or angry easily, and often act inappropriately are given assistance and routines designed to promote their self-control, unique abilities and interests. They are given the chance to perform meaningful work, make friends and feel like they belong, to learn to take care of their health and safety, and are offered highly motivating activities/events to look forward to. This results in improvements in self-control and better tolerance for the people, places, and demands of daily life.

The services are provided Monday through Friday for six hours each day. The staff uses their personal vehicle to pick up no more than three people starting at 8:00am and returning the last person to their home by 3:00pm. Community sites near where ADS participants live are generally where the services are provided.

ADS offers the opportunity for meaningful work for everyone. This consists of paid and volunteer jobs. No one works more than 16 hours a week. People with paid jobs are hired directly by local businesses. The ADS Job Coach supports each worker throughout each work shift. Every ADS participant has the opportunity to earn money every day. Most of ADS participants make friends with other employees at their place of employment.

Everyone needs a place where they feel useful, important, liked and known. The people we meet, interact with and work with in the community soon become our friends.

ADS supports many people who are challenged by health issues related to obesity, poor diet, and lack of exercise. Like many Americans, they face an epidemic of serious medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke, certain types of cancer and depression problems resulting from lifestyle choices that can be changed.

ADS provides education in specific and general health and nutrition topics, practice in establishing a healthy diet using cooking classes, community stores and restaurants and provides many diverse opportunities for routine exercise.

ADS provides a rich variety of motivating activities driven by consumer choice that promotes the learning of new skills, self-control, greater tolerance, social skills, a feeling of purpose, productivity and fun!

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